Study: 50% of American’s Don’t Understand What the Federal Reserve Does

  • The value of your paychecks
  • The amount of money you have once you retire
  • Your ability to become and remain employed
  • The general state of the American economy, and by extension the global economy

Why the Federal Reserve Matters

What the Fed Does

  • Adjust the federal funds rate (commonly known as the interest rate)
  • Regulate (and thus alter) banking practices
  • Make asset purchases on a scale that may influence the American economy

How Fed Decisions May Directly Affect You

  • The likelihood that a bank or other financial institution will issue you a loan such as a mortgage
  • The terms of any loan that you are approved for
  • The rate at which you accrue interest on your savings
  • Whether you are hired for a job
  • Whether you are laid off for a job
  • Whether you are forced to take a pay cut at your job
  • Whether you may secure a promotion or receive a bonus
  • How the stock market performs




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