The 3 Worst Scam Stories

Scammer Awareness Day

It is usually easy to spot a scam if you have common sense, but too many times that bulls**t is really believable.

There are a lot of different types of scam attempts. Luckily, most of them are not very elaborate. They are full of spelling mistakes, unprofessional language or unbelievable statements, but sometimes the creativity is pretty amazing, and too many times it works.

Since it has become harder for larger, visible entities to scam people, this misconduct now happens under the radar.

Individuals with fake pictures on their Instagram accounts try to convince people to join their private trading group.

The best (aka worst) 3 scam stories we have ever witnessed

Number 1

Not so long ago, we started to receive death threats on social media from a “customer” of ours. He claimed he had spoken to our CEO Marco Streng and had invested more than 10 Bitcoins (!!!) via our Telegram group.

How can YOU make sure something similar doesn’t happen to you?

  • Look for the official check marks on the account, to make sure it is a verified account
  • Telegram is only safe if you chat with people you know there. You can never know if a stranger writing to you is actually who you think they are. On Telegram, people can impersonate whoever they want.
  • Always check at least 1 additional channel of the entity. If you were contacted on Facebook by a random account, reach out to the official account. Even better to google the entity and find their official website. Don’t use links provided by the first account, as they might send you to a copy of the original website, giving you a false sense of security, or attempting to phish your data.
  • In general NEVER PURCHASE ANYTHING from someone on a chat application, always verify that you are on the official website and that it is a traceable payment.

Number 2

Approximately a year ago, we noticed that many people started writing to us about “that job listing” where they “had to have a mining contract if they wanted to work”. Luckily, we eventually got the link to the job posting so we could have it taken down, but also, we could uncover something truly baffling:

How can YOU make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you? Remember:

  • Our job listings are hosted on or via some official head hunter agencies. But just to make sure, always ask us if it is real via
  • Genesis Mining does not have any “agents” on any social media platform
  • The only official way to contact us is via our Customer Support team (chat on the website, or, or via an official email address ending with
  •,,, and any other variations are FAKE, so always check if it’s the right spelling, the right letters, and in the right order.
Marco ≠ Merco

Number 3

We get tons of negative comments where sooner or later it turns out that the person complaining never did any business with us… They were just led to believe they did. One of these stories is about a woman who bought a mining contract from a fake Genesis Mining, with the promise that the mining would start in 3 months. Unfortunately, the mining never started, and the scammers had 3 months before the victim realized she had been cheated. The scheme was especially clever, as it is not unprecedented that mining companies offer such products so it could sound familiar and believable.

How can YOU make sure something like this doesn’t happen to you? Remember:

  • Make sure you purchase things directly on the official website. You should always be suspicious if a merchant asks you on Whatsapp, Telegram or other not-so-formal platforms for payment
  • Look for verified accounts, or at least ask on the official website if the account in question is related to the company at all
  • Once again, Genesis Mining does not have any “agents” on any social media platform

What can we, Genesis Mining, do to stop this?

The difficulty of reporting these fake accounts is certainly not an excuse for us to stop — we will never cease to fight scammers.

What can You do?

Besides all the tips we gave you above, if you see any account that

To finish this up, let us say something very important:

Don’t judge anyone for falling for a scam. It can happen to ANYONE. Especially to good people, because they won’t expect the worst from others.



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