Top 10 Podcasts to Keep a Pulse on the Future of Cryptocurrency

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4 min readAug 6, 2020


We’re excited about the future of digital currency here at Genesis Mining, and we want you to be too. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite podcasts that cover Bitcoin, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrencies, so that you can learn the industry or keep up with it on-the-go.

Hear stories from experts in the cryptocurrency field, thought leaders on the future of money, investment experts on crypto in the marketplace, or crypto fans bantering and having a little fun. There’s something on this list for everyone.

Hash Power

Hash Power is a three-part intro to crypto series within the podcast Invest Like the Best, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. The series brings in different voices from around the crypto industry to teach the basics of blockchain and cryptocurrency, including what a blockchain is, aspects of decentralization, what blockchain technology can do, and how cryptocurrency works.

Why we like it: Three hours gets you a beginner’s crash course in crypto.

The Bitcoin Podcast Network

The Bitcoin Podcast Network is multiple shows in one. Start with What the Header for an intro to Bitcoin, tune in to the Bitcoin Podcast and Hashing It Out for interviews and roundtable discussion, and check out Dose of Ether for market news about Ethereum. The hosts come from the tech world, robotics, computer science, and business, and their conversations are fun and enlightening to listen to.

Why we like it: With its many shows and many hosts, there’s something for everyone.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Hosts Joel Comm and Travis Wright are having fun — you can tell from their banter. But more importantly, their podcast looks at cryptocurrency in the world around us: mentions in the news, uses in the music world, political figures who work with cryptocurrency, and other ways that cryptocurrency and blockchain are entering the mainstream.

Why we like it: By taking a look at its role in culture, they’re making crypto accessible to newbies.


If you’re interested in the daily updates of a cryptocurrency investor, tune in to TraderCobb. Craig Cobb, an experienced investor in stocks, commodities, and bonds, tells listeners about what crypto is in the market, what price it is, the day’s movements, and what trades he made. Episodes are only five to ten minutes long, and are uploaded every day.

Why we like it: Get inside the brain of a professional crypto trader.

Unchained and Unconfirmed

Journalist Laura Shin hosts two podcasts devoted to the cryptocurrency and blockchain world. On Unchained, the “no hype resource for all things crypto,” Shin brings on guests to discuss aspects of the crypto world, including the history of money, yield farming, safety, and more. On Unconfirmed, Shin gets crypto and blockchain industry leaders’ thoughts on current events, news, and rumors.

Why we like it: Shin’s approach to tapping into thought leader experience is unique.

Crypto 101

Crypto 101 explores the world of cryptocurrency trading, investing, and application in the business and tech world. Hosts Bryce Paul and Aaron Malone come from the world of data mining and business development, so know how to dig into topics with the people they interview. But don’t think this is entry-level stuff; despite the “101” in the title, this podcast is for the experienced.

Why we like it: The hosts ask great questions, and their guests give great stories from the field.


One of the oldest podcasts on our list, Epicenter started in 2014, and devotes itself to the more technical aspects and application of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Weekly interviews with industry experts have included conversations on smart contracts, decentralized insurance, global economics, protocols, mining, regulation blockchain ethics, hedge fund investing, and more. And our founder Marco Streng was recently a guest!

Why we like it: Since it’s been around for so long, it’s a tried and true podcast in the space.

What Bitcoin Did

Host Peter McCormack covers not just crypto, but all things specifically Bitcoin in his podcast, started in 2017. Episodes cover topics as simple as Bitcoin 101 to as in-depth as discussions around upcoming changes in protocols, and as diverse as journalistic coverage of Bitcoin, implications for the cannabis industry, Bitcoin and racial injustice, and economic philosophy.

Why we like it: It’s a look at all things Bitcoin, for beginners and pros.

Crypto Voices

Hosts Matthew Mežinskis from Eastern Europe and Fernando Ulrich from Brazil bring a distinctly global perspective to this podcast, providing interviews and news discussion around topics such as capitalism in Switzerland, fintech in Asia, and regulatory environments in Scandinavia. They get academic as well, inviting researchers on the show to talk economic theory, history, and application.

Why we like it: Crypto affects global economies, so it’s good to hear from global voices.

Bitcoin Audible

The premise of this podcast is simple: Host Guy Swann reads you pieces of writing and comments on them. Writing selections range from recent articles on Bitcoin in the news, to denser theoretical papers, to excerpts from novels, to Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper that founded Bitcoin. Throughout, Swann defines terms, gives context, and tells why this piece of writing is important.

Why we like it: It’s a new way to do podcasting, and exposes us to good writing too.

Podcasts can be found at the links above, or through your favorite podcast app.



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